Becky Cleland
2142 Coxe Rd.
Tryon, NC 28782
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The Artist

Greenthorn Pottery is the name for the clay creations of Becky Cleland.

The name "Greenthorn" comes from a favorite tree, the trifoliate orange, whose structure is basically a mass of green thorns, and whose leaves grow out of each angle where thorn springs from branch. I love thorns for their sharp contrast and needle-pointed detail, attributes which are reflected in my silhouette paintings.
Trifoliate orange

Trifoliate orange
Large tree vase Silhouette Ware

Silhouette work is done in black and sometimes shades of grey on white. Horizon profiles of natural environments, or single trees in whose form I see special beauty make up the themes of my work, along with whimsical themes on occasion. I seldom make more than one of a specific pattern, except in special circumstances, so that the work remains fresh and spirited.
Hands of Spirit vessel Hands of Spirit

A Hands of Spirit vessel is a clay form incorporating the hands symbol, representing humankind. Hands of Spirit vessels can be employed as devotional tools by people of any religion or culture.