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Tryon, NC 28782
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Hands of Spirit

Silhouette Ware
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Hands of Spirit
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The Artist
A Hands of Spirit vessel is a ceramic body incorporating the symbol of human hands that represent humankind, which can be employed as a devotional tool by any religion or culture.

Created with love and respect, a Hands of Spirit vessel is made to represent the heart of the human spirit, and is intended to provide a physical manifestation of the place in one's heart where the deepest feelings are held. A Hands of Spirit vessel serves as a miniature altar for lifting up those feelings to higher Spirit: in need, in praise, or in offering.

Hands of Spirit Bowls

Hands of Spirit bowls incorporate multiple hands around the bowl as the symbol of community. A Hands of Spirit bowl makes an appropriate altarpiece, symbolizing the support and focus of a worshiping group, or it can serve as a symbol of unity for the members of a family or other group.
Hands of Spirit bowl Hands of Spirit bowl

Hands of Spirit, Single Pair

A single pair of Hands of Spirit is designed for use by an individual, as a visual tool for prayer or meditation. Examples of devotional uses of a pair of Hands of Spirit include placing in them:
  • The name of a loved one as a prayer for their support, safety or healing
  • An object of focus for meditation, such as a candle or crystal
  • A single blossom, to celebrate an event, or in joyous appreciation of a blessing, or
  • Any other matter of spirit expressed in visual terms
Hands of Spirit vessel Hands of Spirit bowl 
                                (individual use)

Hands of Spirit Happiness Vessels

In the Happiness design, hands in three configurations stand for attitudes of
  • love of one's self,
  • love of one's fellow, and
  • appreciation of the good in everything
The Happiness piece serves as a visual reminder for the owner to love themselves and their neighbors, and to appreciate the good in everything, attitudes which will increase happiness in their lives.
Hands of Spirit Happiness vase Hands of Spirit Happiness bowl